2 Pack Camera LCD Tempered Glass Screen Protector Guard For Canon EOS 70D 80D


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-Use the latest fingerprint isolation technology.The hydrophobic and oleophobic layer can effectively isolate the water so as to achieve anti fingerprint, anti sweat effect.
-Adopt imported glass material.High transmittance,The thickness of screen and the touch feeling have little change after installation.
-Uniform thickness, smooth surface.The picture can be showed incisively and vividly.
-Compatible with Canon EOS 70D 80D.
Product Name: Tempered Glass screen protector For Canon EOS 70d
Size: 47x67mm
Thickness: 0.4mm
Color: Clear
Material: Tempered glass
Fit for: For Canon EOS 70D 80D
Package Included:
2 Pack of Screen Protector(2*The Big One, 2*The Small One)
2 x Cloth
2 x Wipes
1.Use the included alcohol swab or microfiber cloth to clear the LCD screen before installation
2.Peel the protector layer off the adhesive side
3.Carefully align the glass to the screen and slowly apply it onto the screen
4.Lightly press the center of the glass then adhesive part will spread over all parts smoothly.
5.Use the clean cloth or finger to remove any visible bubbles from the screen
1.When removed for re-use, the adhesive properrties might wear off to an extent. It's generally not recommended to reuse the GLASS once it's been applied.
2.Using excessive force when installing or removing the screen protector may damage the product.

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